Canning is a wonderful skill that everyone who is going to be a homesteader should know.  Now a lot of times when people talk about canning, it will be a lady who is highly knowledgeable and a chunk of the time they talk about they learned from their mother who learned from her mother so on and so forth back to the invention of canning.  Now I have a lot of respect for that and think it is awesome.  However, I am not female.  And here’s the thing.  It doesn’t matter.  Canning is a homesteading skill, anyone who is homesteading should learn homesteading skills.

Canning ApplesI don’t really care if in the past this skill or that skill was men’s work or women’s work.  As a homesteader you should learn those skills and put them to use.  If you have a spouse or significant other that you homestead with, there will undoubtedly be tasks that each of you prefers doing or can accomplish easier.  If that is the case of how you divide up homesteading duties, rock on!  But at this day in age, there shouldn’t be anyone saying well this type of work is for this gendered person.

Back to canning.  It is an amazing way to preserve food that you have collected.  Now this could be food that you grew in your garden, meat that you hunted for or foods that you foraged for.  But it can just as easily be food that you got from your CSA or from the farmers market.  And there is nothing wrong if you want to can food that you picked up at the local grocery store.  I would tell you that for the most part I don’t think you should worry about canning anything that came from the closest quick-e-mart, that food is fairly self stable for quick a while.

CanningFor anyone who is not aware, canning is the process of putting food into glass jars with metal lids and processing it so that the food will be shelf stable.  Now there are a few things to note in that process.  This is a great way to be able to save food that doesn’t rely on power to the freezer to keep it safe to eat.  Now on the same token, just because you have canned something doesn’t mean it will last forever.  Also you need to know how to can safely.  I don’t mean to scare people off, but done wrong canning can let some nasties get into your foodstuffs.  The thing is, it really isn’t difficult, you just have to follow the right steps for the things your want to put up.

Now, am I going to tell you how to can?  Not a chance.  I learned from my mother, at least water bath canning.  I would recommend that you go to an authority on the matter.  While there are a number of canning videos and classing I would tell you that the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving is a wonderful guide and will provide you with safe current information on how to can various items and how to do so safely.



I can tell you that I’ll have some more info on canning.  But for now, I think this is about it.