Apple week is something that I am trying out.  It is merely a week that I will be focusing all my posts on apple based information.  This year it looks like there will be mostly some recipes, but also some other apple based knowledge to be shared.  It just works out that it is fall and I’ve been out to my favorite orchard a number of times recently.

Apple CoreThere are a few posts that I’ll link back to in an effort to get the most mileage out of earlier posts.  First would be our Apple Fact Infographic!  I really had a fun time putting that one together and eventually need to see about developing a few more.  (Let me know if there are any subjects on here that you would want to see an infographic on).  Also there is the which apple trees to plant post.  Fall is a wonderful time to plant a tree if you are reading this as it comes out.  However don’t let that stop you from planting a tree if you are reading this in the future in a non-fall season.

If things go well I should have a few profiles of different varieties of apples to share some knowledge on the subject and give you a bit of info on which are useful for a given job when you see them in the orchard or in the grocery store.

Apple WeekI would love if any of our readers would share some ideas on other ideas and such to do with apples as we go through this week.  Also be sure to comment on and share your favorite posts of the week.  And when it is all over let me know if we should go about trying this again next year.